The Roses of Pemaquid Point by Jon Secord


why is it when
i’m trying to will you
to dust you can
withstand the storm

but you fade to particles
when i need you the most?

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Sad poems need pretty titles.


April was lungs weak of blue, and
scalpels held in heartless,
uncaring hands.

You told me you were no coward
that the seas and the oceans
whispered in your ears and told you
only the bravest of men
deserve to kiss their beds.

May passed too quickly.

No time for mourning
when I gained ten pounds
of pure muscle
holding up your stars.

People asked too many questions.
People told me I was strong.

One day in June
you woke up to a skeletal frame
that wasn’t yours and the biggest,
strongest ribcage I’d ever seen.

I had cornfields in my eyes;
You misplaced your anchor
and your mind.

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Keep On Hiking | (Hanson Mao)

(by Megan Brim)

First Light ➾ Luke Gram

Cornfields in Machakos | Kenya (by Nacho Coca)
Shallow Rest

Such vitreous minds, 

To steal the light, 

Oh lost reflect, 

Into the night. 

Oh calm she slipped 

Into the gloom, 

The stygian skies, 

Of the faltering moon. 

And gent’ she slept, 

Beneath the lake, 

Her eyes in fade, 

Ne’er to awake. 

Her gown soaked deep, 

The seams to thaw, 

She rests in silence, 

Tides to fall. 

As ice crept up her pallid face, 

She grinned in death- 

Her eyes ablaze 

For still beneath the lake she lies, 

Her body gone to dust, 

She watches time pass ‘gainst her eyes, 

And thus fulfills her lust. 

Oh death in light is broken still, 

The grave too shallow rest, 

She cannot sleep in depth you see, 

With passion in her chest.

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Take Me To Bed

Your voice is beautiful, every time I hear. 
Your face is wonderful, each time you draw near. 
Your hands are all I want, just lay them on my skin, 
And as your lips draw near, my heart pounds from within. 

Take me to bed. 
What’s in your head. 
I remember every word you said. 
What’s in my head. 

Your eyes are ravishing, they sweep me off my feet. 
Your lips are elegant and every taste is sweet. 
Your face is stunning and I just can’t look away 
I need to have you I can’t wait another day. 

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Red stained hearts bleed tears,

Eyes shed blood on passing years,

Minds burn clocks in rage,

Put me on the sacred stage.

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Victoria Falls by Sarah Joy Landon

Untitled by (subtripical)